Blossom Business Services


The Blossom Federation is able to provide strategic support to schools by offering a comprehensive financial management, support and advice service. It has never been more important to have a control on school finances. Our highly experienced and qualified School Business Professionals can help ease pressure at critical points during the financial year.

We can help you to plan and manage finances efficiently, minimise risks, introduce robust monitoring, comply with legislation, forecast budgets and manage variation and contracts.  The Blossom Federation can provide real time practical support for you to meet financial deadlines and statutory requirements, including interim support in the event of your School Business Leader or Finance Personnel's absence or departure.

We are able to offer you the following services:

  • Strategic financial planning and support for the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team
  • Accurate budget setting and advice on tackling current issues such as reduction in pupil roll or expansion and growth
  • Self-revenue generation to subsidise income from the delegated budget
  • Premises, Capital Works and Resource planning and prioritisation
  • Finance training for the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body
  • Attendance at Finance Committee/Governing Board meetings to support the Head Teacher in presenting budget monitoring reports
  • Internal control compliance and audit review to provide peace of mind and ensure your school is able to achieve the best audit score
  • Setting up a contracts register so that redundant contracts are cancelled on time
  • Help with tendering for both large and small contracts
  • Operational finance support for finance staff long term absences to ensure your school continues to operate effectively and suppliers are paid on time

Human Resources

We can provide both strategic and operational support for HR including the following:

  • Creation of a costed organigram to gain an overall perspective of the staffing structure at a glance
  • A detailed review of the recruitment process to ensure the school is highly attractive to potential candidates
  • Ensuring appropriate systems are set up to help with attendance and punctuality monitoring
  • Reduction and expansion strategies
  • Support for staff performance management and appraisal
  • Coaching and mentoring


We work very closely with an external ICT provider who provide a customer-focused service and a positive impact on teaching and learning by offering the following:

  • Scheduled visits – On-site attendance at your organisation from our experienced and friendly Technician 
  • Help Desk – Unlimited helpdesk remote and telephone support from 08:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. 
  • ICT  Consultancy - Our consultancy service gives you a baseline report and makes further suggestions on improving the current technology and keeping you up to date with emerging technologies for future strategic plans. 
  • Hardware maintenance, troubleshooting and repair 
  • Server management and maintenance 
  • Support PC’s, Laptops, Printers, Interactive Whiteboards, Projects, network devices and other ICT peripherals. 
  • Support for London Grid for learning portal and internet connectivity. 
  • Network support and management of security, software, and services. 
  • Installation and support for wired and wireless networks. 
  • Liaison on behalf of the organisation with 3rd party suppliers and contractors. 
  • Installation, upgrade and support for MIS and Finance software (if admin support is required as part of the support contract). 
  • Network Cabling and Installation 
  • ICT build projects 
  • Installation of classroom Audio/Video solutions 
  • Installation of IP monitoring and surveillance systems